I’ll be honest, I’m self-concious about starting this blog.  First of all, just so you know up front, I plan on putting every completed song that I write up for everyone to listen to and critique.  Secondly, I’m coming off of a blog where I was in the midst of an “adventure” in Bosnia–though it didn’t seem that adventurous at the time.  I’m wondering if I can hold people’s interest while I try to do it as a widow/single mom at home.  Those may sound like interesting social ills that needs to be addressed and read about, but the major connecting factor about them is that they are monotonous, the person usually going back again and again to lessons they should have already learned or feelings they can’t shake, and may possibly be depressing.  I have every intention, as I tried to do on my last blog, of telling you the truth about my bad days.  If God has given me this situation, these trials, what good is it to then sugarcoat them so that no one knows how hard it can be?  However, I also have the intention of telling you about my victories, as small as they may be. 

In the end, the reason I decided to keep blogging is to show a person trying to make it in daily life.  I don’t know… I have been on quite a few adventures in my life.  Living in England to study under Matt Redman, a famous worship leader. A month in Ghana, Africa visiting some of the poorest people on earth.  Two months in Bosnia to view life after mass genocide 10 years ago. Heck, I even went to Space Camp in the fourth grade and was the pilot, yes the pilot, of the flight simulation that sent kids to space in the “Space Camp” movie.  And more adventures than those. But none of those adventures can compare to the adventure of God every single day and meeting intimately with the Divine, to being so deeply satisfied with love for Nate that my chest would clamp up when he would get into bed next to me, to spending time with our little boy and watching him grow up like a beanstalk before my very eyes (and snuggling up with him every night, too), and lifetime long friendships.  I’m writing because, if those are the important things in life, those are worth writing about more than any “adventure”.  

The third reason I wanted to write is to have a place where I can put up stories about Nate. If you didn’t know him, um, he was an adventure in himself.  He also was, honestly, an awkward storyteller, but liked to do it.  Mainly for shock value, because most times no one believed they were true.  I thought this would be a good place for me to post those stories, mine or ones that other people have sent to me or would like to send.  That way I can share with you a little piece of a wonderful man who, frankly, I love to talk about.  Sometimes I feel like people out there mostly think about my troubles as his widow, or about the terrible thing that his death was. I choose to talk about his life.  I choose to talk about how I got enough blessings from a life with him that many people never see in a lifetime.  So I’d like to tell you some great stories about my Nate from time to time.

I also wanted to take this time to announce that Jack took 4 steps today. Laughing, giggling, squealing the whole way with pride in himself as I waited for him with a big overpronounced smile on my face.  He stood on the edge of an ottoman, threw up his arms in the air (he likes to practice standing by throwing his arms up high and then just letting the whole body fall forward in slow-motion…I don’t know either) and walked forward FOUR TIMES before his legs gave out and he buried his giggly face in my neck.  Then he clapped about it a little.  Then he went to go pull out the dog’s hair.  I’m so proud of him.  Later on, I’ll wish that the boy never learned how to walk, but I’m happy for now so I’ll just revel in that. 

Yes, things are definitely moving forward, though it may be in baby steps, in the ole Taylor household.

Here are some pictures of Jack during standing practice (I couldn’t get one of him walking yet). If you can’t tell from the last one, he’s already developed his father’s mischievous side.