This weekend has been really good. On Friday, my mom and I had our first Pie Day Friday. There will maybe soon be more feminine friends joining us on Pie Day Friday, but for the first time it was just my mom and I. The point of Pie Day Friday (yes, I realize I’ve said “Pie Day Friday” a million times already, and there’s another usage to tally up for your charts) is to make a pie, have fun while doing it, and give it away to someone. Because everyone loves pie, right? And you can just do so much with them. Like add a bunch of funky ingredients and make it really colorful. And eat it… That being said, our first Pie Day Friday (go ahead, tally it on up!) was really more theoretical than practical. We were about to leave for the grocery store when I suddenly realized it was the 8 month death date of Nathan, and then I got sad and didn’t want to make stupid pies anymore.
So, instead, my dad offered to watch Jack and we went to go see “Waitress”, which happens to be the movie that mom got the idea of making all these pies from, anyway. So even though we didn’t actually make the pies, we thought about it. And the movie was good, even though it made me cry a lot. It’s not even a sad movie, though.
Then on Saturday night, I had some friends over and I made them dinner and, what else? a pie. Blackberry pie with a blackberry on top that I made out of dough. I was really proud of it and made everyone look at it and tell me how beautiful it was before I cut it up. The actual pie was good, not the best, but I’m still learning.
The final part of the weekend was this morning when I went to church. You see, Nate and I went to The Village Church, which is in Highland Village, about 20 minutes away. Great church, love it. Then, right before I left for Bosnia at the end of May, they have this 7 week long (meeting only once a week, though–don’t worry, we didn’t all live together for 2 months) fasting and prayer gathering to pray about finding extra space for all the people that come to the small building the church is in. The last week we’re praying, out of nowhere, a church of about 30 people in Denton says they want to give The Village their church! Whoa-oa-oa. So, we say yes, of course. And now, my church that I love has just moved from 20 minutes away to right down the street! Yay. It makes me so happy, because now we’ll do stuff in this community, and since most of my friends have recently moved into Dallas, I can now coerce people that live in Denton to become my friends by doing nothing other than making them a lot of pie! And I’ll have a bunch of [fat] friends [from eating so much pie] that I don’t have to drive 40 minutes into Dallas to see!! Yay!! But they’ll love me for me, of course.
And so that was my weekend. I’m glad my mom thought up Pie Day Friday. Anyone got any REALLY GOOD pie recipes?