I’ve made some changes about the house that I’m really proud of. Nope, it doesn’t have to do with re-arranging furniture, or buying it, or anything like that. It has to do with cleaning it. Now, before you start to think that I didn’t clean my house before I made these “changes”, I’ll stop you and tell you I, in fact, did clean my house before. I’ve just changed the way I do it. Before I left for Bosnia, a friend of mine bought me this book called “The Naturally Clean Home” by Karyn Siegel Maier. I immediately got more excited about this book than I should have. I mean, it’s house cleaning, right? But I still found myself late at night perusing its pages on how to expertly polish wood with beeswax that I melted myself. I admit I looked at everything longer than I should have, because that kind of stuff sounds all good and well but probably is a hassle to make, right? Well, I experimented one day, and it’s not. And now, I feel all green and environmental inside. As well as richer because this stuff costs like cents on the dollar to what normal cleaning supplies cost. And, honestly, my house seems a whole lot cleaner and I think it smells better, too.
So here are some changes I started making: 1) I make my own laundry detergent with a third washing soda, a third baking soda, and a third pure soap flakes. I added a few drops of lavender oil (that I got from the lavender-blossomed island of Hvar, by the way) and my laundry has never looked or smelled better. 2) I clean EVERYTHING with baking soda and vinegar, scented with lemon or lavender or peppermint, of course. Dishes, floors, counters, toilets… 3) When I say everything with baking soda and vinegar, I mean everything. Like, Jack and me, too. I wash my face with baking soda and it exfoliates, then apple cider vinegar with water and lavender as a toner, then coconut oil for a moisturizer. For our hair and Jack’s body, castile soap, which is made from olive oil. I thought it was expensive, but you use like a drop of it and your whole body goes up in suds.
Anyway, I’m totally a convert to all this stuff. I’d already been cloth diapering Jack. Gosh, maybe I’ll sound like an even bigger dork, but cloth diapering is so much more fun. The diapers are like 10 times cuter, and it’s not half as much trouble as people think. It only gets annoying when you go out places. So he wears normal diapers when we go out. But did you know that diapers fill up 80% of our landfills? That’s really sick. I won’t go into the mental images that start to accumulate in my head.
I’d like to say that I’m doing all this because I’m so environmental, but, really, it’s so much cheaper. So even though I’m proud of myself, I had never known about all of it before, and I would have really appreciated it when Nate and I couldn’t even afford the gas to get to work or shampoo to wash our hair. So I’m just telling everyone about it so they know, too. Speaking of gas to get to work, I think my car is going to break down any day now. It threatens to go out at stop lights and when my brother took it in to the automotive place, they said it was going to be like $400 to fix it. I don’t even think my car is worth that! So does anyone have a cheap but reliable car they want to sell me? If Nate were here, he would want me to get a diesel car so we could convert it to bio-diesel. If you don’t know about bio-diesel, it’s really cool because it’s gas you can make from things like donut grease and chinese food grease. And it’s supposed to be environmentally safer than gas, too. There’s a bio-diesel plant here in Denton (one of the only ones, I think), and they run the school buses and dump trucks on bio-diesel. Which means when you follow a dump truck you start smelling french fries and get hungry. Kind of gross. But much better than smelling trash.
Okay, I told everyone this would be a song blog. So, I’m kind of cheating right here because this isn’t a new song that I recorded. But I figured I’d have to import this song over here at some point, anyway. New ones will be up soon, I’m just working out a way to simply record them. But, I put new strings on la guitarra last night and played a diddly or two. So new songs are coming… For now, I’ll put up “Sarajevoesque”. If you don’t know about this one, I wrote it about 5 weeks ago while living in Sarajevo, Bosnia. The city went through a mass genocide/war about 10 years ago, and the city is still recovering from this. In a lot of ways, I feel like I look like a human personification of Sarajevo, except I trust in God and Sarajevo is mostly a Muslim city. Anyway, here’s Sarajevoesque.