Man, Jack is killing me right now. He still sleeps with me, and I know everyone thinks that is a mistake, but in so many ways it makes life much easier for us. He sleeps in if I want him to. I feel it’s safer having him there next to me than in the other room. He knows how to climb out of bed when he wants to, and even when he wakes up before me he just gets down and plays in my room until it’s time for breakfast. And I don’t necessarily like sleeping by myself, and, if I don’t, he probably doesn’t either.
But he takes FOR-EV-ER to go to sleep. I have to put him to sleep by laying next to him until he is completely out, and it used to only take 15 minutes or so, but there have been days where it’s taken me 2 hours or so. Per nap. I took out his second nap of the day so he would be more tired and just crash. And that’s seemed to help some. It’s taken the time I have to lay with him down from 2 hours to like an hour. But, in that hour, God forbid the phone rings or I have to go to the bathroom and can’t hold it anymore because then it’s like I have to start over. For example, he is in his crib crying right now. He woke up at 9 this morning and hasn’t slept since and it is 4 right now. I started to lay him down at 1. After an hour of non-sleeping, we got up and let him play for 30 more minutes, but it was obvious he was too tired. So we laid down for another hour. Then I got frustrated and told him he was going to have to sleep in his crib. Stayed in there for 20 minutes with him, and he stopped crying but was just talking and laughing at me. So I left, and now he’s screaming again. It’s ridiculous. I have to get stuff done and Jack just needs to learn to sleep by himself.
I’ve tried putting him in his crib, and he will cry and scream for like 2 or 3 hours, until I know he is exhausted, but I feel more exhausted listening to him. After 3 hours, I usually take him out and he’ll fall asleep pretty quickly. It may already be too late for this, but I don’t want him to be deathly afraid of his crib either. It should be a comforting, bed-time place. And if I let him stay up, the suffering is great as he cries and moans and his little eyes get all red and tired. My eyes get red and tired from these shananigans, as well.
I originally wanted to do the attachment parenting thing where they let the kids sleep in bed with the parents and all that, because I agree with it, but they offer NO advice for this situation, just stuff like, “Maybe the baby isn’t tired,” or “It can be exhausting being a parent, but it is worth it in the end” type of advice. Makes me think they haven’t actually raised children. Ha. But I also think they don’t cater to single parents at all. So maybe that is the problem.
Does anyone have any parenting advice on how I can make Jack go to sleep? He’s just too stubborn and smart for his own good sometimes, I think.
By the way, he said “computer” today (yeah, I know, isn’t that crazy?), and we went to the dog park because he loves dogs. When a woman there asked him, “What does a doggie say?” He said, “Woof!” And there were about 4 other girls there, and they all heard him, and everybody was so surprised to hear him say it because no one was expecting to be in the presence of a one year old genius. :) I hope everyone knows I am joking to a small extent, because he’s just a normal kid.
But it’s still incredible how fast he learns things. Even so, somebody help me get him to sleep before I go insane!!!!!!!!