Sorry for the delay… I had people in town all weekend and decided to spend my time with them instead of on the computer. But, well worth the wait, a VIDEO of Jack! Yay! There’s another [closer] version of this on my facebook page if you want to see it. I couldn’t get the video from Carter to put on here.
Okay, he was happy all day except for this moment… He just got a little freaked out by all the loud people. Then I thought he would laugh his head off if I smashed his hand in the cake. Um…not so much. Then he wanted me to hold him, and I didn’t want to pick him up because then I’d be covered in chocolate. While I was pondering what to do about the situation, he rubbed it in his eyes… Game over from there. Haha. Felt really sorry for him in the moment, but, later on, I’m sure he’ll be laughing about it. Listen to the comments in the background, like “Make it stop!”, and about future therapy he’ll need at the end. :) Hey, it’s his party. And he’ll cry if he wants to.
I’ll put up one of him walking soon…

Happy Birthday, Jack! You are the joy of my life. I love you, little man!