Late one night last year, Nate and I were driving home down Main Street. As we were driving, (I was half asleep and 7 months pregnant at the time), I looked out the window to see a wolf, yes a wolf, just running down the street. It was huge, and white in color with icy blue eyes, and a little mangy. As I stared at it incredulously, I saw that it was limping and its tongue was hanging out like it was really thirsty. I leaned over to Nathan, “Um, there is a wolf running down the street. I kid you not.” He was on it like a duck on a junebug, and turned around so we could look at it. When we pulled into a parking lot to watch where it went, we decided to call the humane society, but were trying to keep it in the parking lot so it wouldn’t run away. Another car had seen it, and pulled in to help us, too. We waited for awhile and the wolf was wary of us, but not running away. Soon the police got there.
[Insert country accent.] “Yes, ma’am. What you have there is a wolf-coyote hybrid. They live in the trees over there. Come out when they’re thirsty.”
“It looks a little hurt. Are you going to try to catch it or something?”
“Naw…I’ll just pour out some water for it and it’ll go back to where it came from.”
Then he left. Even though I wished we could do something to help its leg, I patted my belly, leaned back in my chair, and thought our dealings with a wolf on Main Street were over. I mean, after all, survival of the fittest, and all that. It would probably traumatize him more to capture him than to just let him heal in his own little wolf ways. Nathan, apparently, had different thoughts.
We had a dog at the time. My arch nemesis, Blue. I’m a dog lover, but I wasn’t a Blue lover. She ate all of my clothing and shoes when we were too poor for me to buy any replacements, so I was forced at times to wear Nate’s clothes because of her. But she never ate anything of Nate’s. She made me very mad.
“Hey…ummm…Lauren? What do you think…uhhh…what if we brought the wolf home and nursed it back to health?! Now, before you say “no”, Blue could play with her in our backyard, and they could become, like, dog friends.”
I looked at him. Silence.
More silence.
He slowly put the car in gear and we drove home.

I thought I would put up a picture of the world’s ugliest dog (and oh my gosh, that dog definitely is. apparently very sweet, though. well, except now it’s dead, so nevermind) for some inspiration in imagining the story related below.

Oh, here’s another one. I keep on finding them…

Here’s one more story.
A couple of months before we got our dog, Blue, we were again driving in town, when we saw a cute little pug trotting down the street.
“Oh, Nate! It’s so cute, and it’s not wearing a collar! What if it gets hurt? Let’s go save it!”
So we swung around to go save the little pug. We put on our blinkers and pulled over. The dog was slowed down, but kept trotting as if it didn’t notice us at first. Nate got out and walked up behind it, calling softly, “Come here, little doggie…”
It stopped.
Then, slowly…very slowly…it turned around. And it’s eyeball was hanging out of its socket! Dangling in the wind as it walked. It started to run up to Nate.
He ran away and got back in the car as I was screaming, “ABORT! ABORT!” from the car.
We sped off with chills all over our bodies from almost touching it.
Some who read this will think we are horrible people for not helping it. That’s why I told the wolf story first. Just to show that we did have intentions of helping some stray dogs…just not really gross ones. :) (Why does it always put in emoticons?!?! I hate those…) Sorry. But just so you know, we called the humane society for that one, too. The kind that doesn’t put animals to sleep. So hopefully they saved it.