My newest fascination…bull riding. Oh my gosh, my mom got me into Ty Murray’s Bull Riding Challenge. Afterwards, I slipped upstairs, got my cowgirl boots out, then came back downstairs and started looking up famous bullriders. ha ha. But, seriously, it’s so exciting! And it looks very hard…they had professional football players on there, an ultimate fighting challenger, and an ex-gladiator, even. And they all said it was the hardest thing they’d done. One day, I was looking at mom, and I was like, “Nate would totally have gotten into this.” She said she’d been thinking it since she started watching it herself. So we’re going to get in touch with our Texan roots, and start watching bullriding and go to rodeos and stuff. It’s fun! The cowboys aren’t too shabby looking, either. I think everybody should get into this. I’ll have cowboy night at my house! We can eat bbq, wear hats and boots, and talk about cows and horses like any of us have gotten within 5 feet of one…Okay, I’ll just speak for myself. This is Texas, after all. Maybe it’s just me that’s a city-slicker, cowgirl-pretender. Hey, that rhymed.
Just watch this video and you’ll see what I mean… Where can I go to get bull riding lessons?