I know, I know. This was originally supposed to be a song blog, and I have very few songs up on here. Please know that I am working on that. But I just remembered last night about this video from Skillman’s “Day on the Green”. It was so much fun. I love Skillman Bible Church. They’re my favorite small church ever. Anyway, some of you have probably seen this one, too. But, maybe some of you haven’t. But this one is “Little Great Man”, written for Jack Jack. I thought I would post up me singing a song on Nate’s bday cuz he would like that.

The video cuts in late and cuts out early, but here are the lyrics. I’ll put an asterisk next to where the song begins and ends on the video. Oh, and the lovely, wonderful, beautiful girl on the violin would be Laurie. She’s so pretty. I look so bored sitting next to her, but I’m really nervous as all get out. You should have seen us practicing for this with Aiden and Jack running around like wild banchees…

Little Great Man

Little, bright-eyed Jackabee
Full of wonder and wonders to be
God gave you sorrow while still a baby
To grow you stronger; a special blessing

**Your father was the greatest of men
You’re his living legacy
Even so, we knew you’d be greater than
We ever could have been

Dream big, work hard, and get down on your knees
To thank God for every single thing
Grow your love and give it away
Learn to grow from whatever comes your way.

And, my boy, know that I will pray for you
With a mother’s love.
And although I think of you as mine, I know
That you’re really God’s.

My little baby…God’s little great man.

Lord, hear my prayer as a humble mother
Give me wisdom and strength beyond my years

May I guide this life that You have given me so
Tell me what to do
And I see, he’s not mine to keep so I
Give him up to You.
The last time I held on too tightly,
You took it all away.
So this time I’m gonna release my grip
Though weeping I may pray.

There’s only gain if I lose him to You
**Look with favor and draw him to You
Give me wisdom to raise a great man
May he one day grow into the mightiest oak in all the land

Be bigger than my prayers I pray
I give him up to You.
Give me strength to always, to always
Give him up to You.
It’s all I can do
I give him up to You.
It’s the safest but hardest thing to do…
I give him up to You.

My little baby…God’s little great man.
Little baby…little great man.

To see the video, click here.