Here’s a person in my life at the moment that deserves a portrait:

I have an interesting roommate. She is interesting because she interests me. She walks around barefoot most of the time. She is a vegetarian. She is a college graduate that has career aspirations of becoming… a waitress. Just because she likes it. And, now, I have a live, probiotic culture living on my kitchen table that will in time turn into a fermented probiotic drink that we will cherish. Why? Because it is a drink we ‘grew’ ourselves. She tells me after my tea has fermented, and the culture/’pancaked mushroom-like thing’ that made the tea is too old to use to ferment anymore, I can then use it to condition my hair. I like this person.
Natalie’s been living with me for about a month now. A missionary on furlough from Africa and Australia, I invited her to come live with me instead of her hopping couches the whole time. It’s been great. We’ve both realized more about ourselves from this random relationship. She’s leaving in a short time back for Australia, thus I thought I would nominate her as my first ‘Portrait of a Random Person In My Life’. And we seem to think God will bring us together again in time to do other things. I’ll probably tell everybody more about that as I learn more myself.
I wonder how and why God brings random people like Natalie into my life that I like so much. I was wondering ‘what have I learned from Natalie, specifically?’: She’s seems very good at networking and community. I like how beautiful she is just to look at and talk to. Very graceful and peaceful, yet passionate. Always ready to jump into a conversation, whether it’s deeply spiritual like ‘Does God show salvation to those who are moving toward Christ but haven’t yet discovered Him?’ Like in places where Jesus’ name has not yet been spoken? Or just wondering about what life must look like for her brother in Heaven, who was killed 2 years ago? Or more physical conversations, like “What are the essential nutrients in quinoa?” And then there are random conversations with friends who want to paint their cars with pink shoe polish. She navigates all of these with equal skill. I’m impressed.
So there’s a random person in my life that I like very much and think you should, too. I’ll write about another special person in time. Maybe you know a random person that God has placed in your life that you wonder why and how they have affected you in little ways that you just don’t notice… until you do. Funny how friendships work like that.