Nate and I fell in love fairly quickly. We had decided by 2 months along that we wanted to marry each other, and from there it was just a matter of him coming home from Chicago, timing with my school semester, and, mainly, waiting for his brother to get married because he had gotten engaged first. It’s just an unspoken rule that you have to wait for sibling’s engagement to finish before you can get married. So, our wedding was planned for the exact day that Tim and Mandi returned from their honeymoon.
Our relationship began 3 days before Nate moved to Chicago, and so we spent as much time together during those 3 days as possible. One night, after Nate had a going away party, he told me he wanted to take me somewhere special. He had been school bus driving, and so he knew all the secret roads and places around town that few knew of. He ended up taking me to this quaint little church with a little graveyard in front of it. It was particularly foggy that night, and so looking out at the cemetary, it was a little eerie.
“I really love to come to cemetaries and look at the headstones, and imagine what kind of life the people lived,” he explained. “It makes me think. We don’t have to go look at it if you don’t want to.”
“No, I don’t mind at all,” I said. And I didn’t.
So I stepped out of the car and opened the gate to walk into the graveyard, and Nate positioned the car just right so that the headlights would be shining across the yard, but not in our eyes. As I walked around, waiting for him to join me, I heard a cd we had been listening to turned up. I looked out and Nate smirked before walking through the gate to stand next to me.
We walked around looking at a few of the headstones. But then we reached this part of the yard, where there was a hole in the fog, but the light reflected off the fog just right. It just created this warm, cozy space which was surrounded by gentle light. He had his arm around me, and took it off to hold his hand out to me, smiling gentlemanly-like.
“Lauren, will you dance with me?”
I beamed. “Yes, Nathanael, I will dance with you.”
And so…we danced. At the foot of a headstone. In a cemetary. The fog making our surroundings unknown, but we danced. I remember I sang along to the song in his ear, because I knew he liked for me to sing to him. When I did that, I could feel his heart beat faster, and I smiled inside knowing that I had actually made his heart skip a beat. Then I laid my head down on his shoulder, and he talked about how perfectly my head fit in the crook of his shoulder.
I think about that now, and that is an especially important, and, if you think about it, symbolic memory. It was the beginning of our love for each other, but we didn’t know we would one day be husband and wife. Have a son. Or only have 3 years left of this life together. But there we were at the beginning of our relationship dancing on our graves. As if to say, Death will not be the victor over us.
I made a comment about ‘dancing on our graves’ that night.
When we got back to the car, Nate looked at me:
“I like dancing on our graves with you. In fact, I just like you.”
“I like you, too. And I’ll dance in a graveyard with you anytime you like.”
Then we made out. Nathan would include this as a vital part of the story, because it is slightly inappropriate. So there you have it.
Isn’t God so good to plan out little details in life such as this to comfort me when I’ll need them later? Thank you, God.