I just would like everyone to know there is a huge 3 inch long grasshopper living somewhere in my house right now. He’s lived here for 3 days now, and we have no idea how to find him. He sings to us every once in awhile, but his whereabouts remain mysterious. Rather than be freaked out by the fact that he could get caught in our hair, or crawl on our faces while we are sleeping, or find his guts smashed all under our feet if he so decides to rest on the floor, we’ve decided to take him on as our personal pet. That is, until he soon reaches his imminent death, which I only say is soon because I have no idea what he is eating or how long 3 inch long grasshopper life spans are. We’ll call him Jiminy Cricket, though he is a grasshopper. Welcome to the family, Jiminy.
Other than that, I am doing quite well, thank you. Thanks to my friends who let me ramble for a long time on depressing blog posts, and tell me I can drop all my responsibilities. I particularly feel this way because the number of people reading my blog went to an all time high on the second day of that post. I don’t know if that’s new people or just repeat readers, though. Yeah, widowhood has its sucky times, but there are also wonderful times, too. Kind of like life, I guess. Anyway, I love you guys.
And lastly, I am excited right now because we are going out for the weekend. To an organic farm. Where everyone lives together, labors in the earth from sun up to sundown, eats healthy and happy meals together, and then goes to sleep at night. They also give the vegetables away to poor people. Here’s the site, if you are so interested: http://worldhungerrelief.org/. Sounds absolutely lovely. Maybe I will end up living there. I guess I’ll inform you at the end of the weekend as to whether Jack is a mini farmer or not. I’ve actually been thinking a lot lately about how nice it would be to sell everything I own, go live in a non-cult community where everyone shares everything, and then help poor people. Like Francis of Assisi. I’m not going to go into all that right now, though. I’m just telling you.
Okay, I love you guys!!!