This week has been a doozey, let me tell ya. So there’s detoxing still going on. That’s going pretty well thus far. Jack and I gave each other colds, though, and that wasn’t fun when you can’t take any sort of medicine for it. My brothers were here all week, which adds craziness to the chaos of my family, but they left for school last night. I can tell Jack already misses them. He loves his uncles very much and talks about them.
My father also had some medical issues that we found out more about this week. He doesn’t want me to talk about it, so I won’t get into any details. But prayer for my dad’s health would be greatly appreciated. I’m now trying to convince my parents to do, what else?, the raw foods diet for awhile to see if that helps him. I was about to give up on my whole detox, until I realized that a good detox will help many, many medical issues, and the best way for me to help him would actually be to stay on it and thrive on it. So here I am.
It’s really funny how God turned it on me in that way. Something that started out for just my health, also a short-lived spiritual discipline, and turned it into something that I’m not even doing for myself, but for someone else. It’s not fair to ask someone else to eat only raw foods when there are so many good cooked ones, if I can’t even do it myself.
I also used to teach yoga, and had gotten out of doing it very often over the last few months. No good excuse why. But I want the people I love in my life to be exercising, and the best way to encourage them to do is to get off my butt and do it with them. So we had family yoga night last night. And we all liked it.
I’m so thankful that he took something that I could have been very selfish about and turned it into a way I can help people. Even my very own family. Love you, family. He’s so good like that. There’s all this love in my heart, and it only grows as I meet more people. Love can only come from Him. Thank you, God, for allowing us to love.

Also, I didn’t make a pie for Pie Day Friday. I made cookies for Pie Day Sunday. Call me crazy, but when you’ve only been eating raw vegetables for a week, these are pretty much the best thing ever. Ever. Evah. I think I will eat them even when I ‘m not eating raw anymore… These definitely produce love in my heart. One thing, you have to have a dehydrator to make them. Like, the kind you make beef jerky with. I got mine off of for $5. You can find them cheap if you look. But, the batter is very good by itself, too, if you don’t have one. Somebody could try lightly baking them to see how they turn out.

Lemon Cookies

3/4 cup raw almond butter

1/2 cup unsweetened dried coconut flakes

zest of 1 lemon

1/2 cup lemon juice (about 2 lemons)

1/4 cup raw honey

Mix all ingredients together. Form into balls. Dehydrate for 12 hours. Try not to eat all the batter. Makes 12 small cookies.