I have to say, I love my son so much.  He’s just great.  He’s the coolest baby ever.  I breed well.  I’ll give Nate some credit for breeding well, too. :)

Here we are, running from place to place all day, in cold Seattle (though not as cold as I thought it might be), and he’s just been perfect.  Even the adults are tired, and I look over at Jack, all bundled up in his car seat, sleeping away there.  Or walking around in his stroller, he’ll take his nap there.  Or he and I sharing a sleeping bag on the floor of a strange apartment with 3 other girls sprawled out in locations over the room, he’ll sleep there quietly.  So flexible.

He’s definitely much more popular than me.  I’ll go out to some social gatherng, and people walk up with the first question, “Where’s Jack?” Or, when he is at said social gatherings, he just makes friends with everyone.  He’s much more socially adept than I.  Last night he spent the night playing “pick up the cards and say thank you after you hand over each and every one” with some random guy he met 5 minutes earlier than that.  He hammed up the small crowd by doing his “silly face” continuously.  The kid is popular.  I’m not jealous, I’m proud he’s more popular than me.

He gets it from his father.  Nate was one of those comfortable-in-any-crowd type of people–class president, lived in the apartment with all the good parties, the friend that everyone had in common type of guy.  But rather than having a flurry of fake or shallow friendships, he managed to have deep, life-changing relationships. I really hope Jack carries that into his adult life.  Even though this time of being a single mother can be very socially awkward, I hope that him getting out and meeting people he normally wouldn’t is instilling in him a deep love of people.  I want him to truly love people and know how to love them.

Jack makes me learn a lot about friendship.  Even by the type of “friend” he is to me.  It’s not about what you are doing or where you are; it’s not about whether one of the people is smelly or has ugly clothes.  It’s about not being afraid to be a little vulnerable with people, and in turn accepting them exactly as they come to you.  He’s been such a God-send friend to me since his papa died.  I couldn’t get out of bed from sadness sometimes at first, but he would just lay in bed with me.  So we would lay there together, hugging all day.  I would tell him how I was sad, and he would listen (or sleep). I might cry because I missed Nathan, and he might cry being he missed breastfeeding.  You know, almost the same kind of thing.  And now, he teaches me how to be less selfish.  How to get out of my comfort zone.  How to rely on God for both of us.  How to sacrifice for him. We’re in this together.

I’m so thankful for my baby.  He’s my best friend.  Love you, Jackabee.

P.S. He’s also a genius.  He knows all his animal sounds now, and named a kangaroo this morning.  17 month old genius, I tell you.

P.P.S. Seattle is wonderful.  We’re living it up.  More on that later.  And thanks to Erin, for telling me my last post was the most anti-climatical post ever.  I don’t know what we were building up to, but I knew it was coming one of these days… Just kidding.