To put it lightly, it’s like the plague at my house right now. I’ve been down and out with fever and sore throat the past couple of days while Jack joined me in those today. He also woke up with his left eye glued shut, and when I took him to the doctor, promptly found out he had a massive ear infection in his right ear that I had absolutely no idea about. He hasn’t been complaining about his ear or tugging at it or anything. Poor tough little kid.

I also found out that I am apparently one of America’s vast number of underinsured, because the doctor was about to send me a bill for a well baby visit from last month that my insurance didn’t cover. My insurance didn’t cover a well baby visit. Isn’t that, like, basic? I ended up paying freakin’ $200 for that visit, will be awaiting the bill that comes from today’s shenanigans, and sat there wondering what the heck I’m even paying out the nose for each month when I send my insurance a check. I tell you, it makes universal healthcare look mighty appealing. Too bad I won’t be voting for it, though, because then I also have to vote in favor of abortion, which I won’t bring myself to do, even if I have to pay out the nose for healthcare. It’s a conspiracy. I want a new political party altogether where I actually agree with stuff. Complete with new politicians. Anyway…

So, in light of my newfound poverty, I decided to fill the prescriptions to cure my Quasimodo-esque child at the cheapest place I could think of– which would be Wal-Mart. I haven’t been to Wal-Mart in awhile. I tell you, I was really set back at how many unhealthy people I saw. I’ve never seen so many motorized shopping carts in all my life. They literally drove down the aisles at 2 miles per hour in groups, probably talking about how they were underinsured, reminding me of what Hell’s Angels look like as senior citizens. It was so difficult to maneuver my cart around them, Wal-Mart should either make wider aisles or create some sort of rule about how many of those things can be on the floor at the same time.

I must confess that as I pondered the sadness at why these people couldn’t walk around for a short shopping trip at age 55 or 60, I noticed a common factor in all of their shopping carts. Terrible food choices. I mean, it was like, junk food, pizza rolls, coke, fake sugar donuts, all sorts of stuff like that. Hardly anyone had plain fruits or vegetables, and if they did, they were mostly canned. With added crap from canning, of course. Standing still for 5 minutes, waiting for them to unblock the aisle with their little go-carts, as they completely ignored my presence and sat there conversing with each other, I had time to realize it was so obvious that their poor food choices are literally crippling them! Now obviously, I am not saying that everyone who has to use a motorized cart is there because they eat unhealthily, nor am I trying to be disrepectful of the people I saw today. We live in a fallen world where there will always be disease and death until the day Jesus returns. But I think it’s safe to say that out of the crowd I saw today, joined with the general statistical information about the high number of Americans who are sick with diet-related diseases, I secretly wondered what something like a raw food diet, which may be the first vegetables these people have eaten in years, would do to their bodies. I personally think their bodies would recover in so many ways. I mean, if people thought of healthy food as a type of medicine, maybe America wouldn’t be in the healthcare crisis we are in now, since it’s mostly the cost of caring for those same diet-related diseases that drive the price of healthcare up. Like, I wouldn’t be paying out the nose for medical coverage that I’m not even sure actually covers anything. I’m talking to them tomorrow, maybe it’s just catastrophic coverage or something. Whatever.

My final thought gleaned from the aisles of Wal-Mart today that I will share with you: Goiter. Not quite sure that all of the growths that I experienced were even called goiters. But nonetheless…goiter. The grossest word in the English language? Try to think up a grosser one. I’d be interested, because I think “goiter” is the grossest. And multiple words put together, like “moist goiter” (sick!) don’t count, because that’s two words, not one.


(I tried to make it pretty right there for you, because I love you all. :)