So, I’ve found the people who will be moving into my house. YAY!! God is pulling things together! Oh my gosh, they are the perfect people for it, and will take good care of it, I know. Truly an answer to prayer. If any of you guys have been praying for someone to move in, well, God did such a good job of it, and thank you so much. I started tearing up when we were going around looking at the house, because I knew not only would it NOT be smoldering ashes next time I saw it, but also I think they will really enjoy life there. At least, I hope so for them. Oh, and I’m not saying who they are because of the humiliating post I wrote a few weeks ago (that I still plan on erasing when everyone forgets about it).

Hm. It’s funny, there’s so many emotions involved in it for me…relief, hope, excited, sad, scared, tired. And that’s just the leaving part. Ha. But I know I can’t embody my life in a house. Or in any stuff, for that matter. Life is not in the stuff, it’s in my memory (and even if I am left without the things that trigger my memory, I guess God will protect the things I need to remember). I’m still trying to work out maybe bringing up more than just a carful of belongings, but, man, rental trucks are expensive, yo. So is gas. So is stinking rent in Seattle. So is buying new stuff, I guess, but thank the Lord for craigslist and garage sales. In the end, though, I think that’s what I will have to do– get new [to me] stuff. That really sucks. Just for the trouble of it, too. Well, if there’s no other choice, there’s no other choice. Everytime I start to think about it, I do that thing to my head where I wave my fingers in front of my eyes and try to make my thoughts disappear.

That will do for now. I’ve still got awhile before we leave, anyway.

Oh, and thank you to everyone who gave/is giving to the Juana Garcia, the widow of Coffee Ambassadors‘ coffee farmer. My brother in law is down there right now giving her money and working out some things with the family so that they can still buy coffee from them which equals more money for them. Beautiful, isn’t it? I believe things like this come around to people who give, so that when one is in a time of need, resources will come out of nowhere because you helped someone else. Not in a karma sort of way, but in a God is watching and is faithful to produce fruit where seeds are planted sort of way. And, really, that doesn’t even count what giving and caring for the poor does amongst the audiences of Heaven, where we’ll receive infinitely better rewards for things we’ve done down here. So, guys, thank you!! Love you.