I can’t tell you how wonderful and what a break San Francisco was. My friends, Jeff and Emily, gave the entire trip to us…They gave us a ticket for a Christmas present, they paid for food and transportation and all the entrance fees, showered us with gifts on top of it all, and even took the week off of work. They are SUCH wonderful people. Here are the pictures from a soul-refreshing, fantastic week.

No, Jack has NOT gotten over his “personal problem” yet. Look at his face…Just look at it. Then look at his hand. Then look at my face. This kid isn’t ever allowed to date.

Story behind this picture: The clerk at a convenience store doubled charged me for the above applesauce. Jack, with his super alert ninja skills, secretly stashed the below candy bar so that he could once again restore justice to the land. One applesauce for one candy bar = consider the land restored.

Apparently, he had a headache from all the overstimulation. He rode like this for a good 5 minutes…I thought he was having some sort of weird seizure or something. Nope, just weird.

Muir Woods. Where the giant redwoods live. Beautiful. I forgot my camera. Jeff and Em took a few pics with theirs.

Once Jack meets a man that he likes, he ignores me as his mother completely. Which I am fine with. Here is a commemorative picture of Jack and Jeff. BFF and ever and ever and ever.

It was a little cold for the bonfire we had planned at the beach, so we made smores over the gas stove. It was fun…

…especially when we ate them.

Everybody needs an airborn picture with a skunk. Actually, I think this may be one of my favorite friend pictures ever.

Jack and Em are also pretty close. She gets him to do things like pick cherry blossoms for his mama, which he bashfully hands over.

This one is for Jeff. So he can put it as the picture on his computer screen, and then he can print it, put it in his wallet, and show off his beautiful wife when he goes on business trips.

We like to laugh together.

We also love each other

Jack loved the butterflies. “Mama! Fudfies! Fudfies!” Followed by squealing laughing. We were definitely the loudest people in the butterfly conservatory. But it was the joyful sort of loud.

A picture capturing the aforementioned joy on a little boy’s face.

For whatever reason, he liked to blow on them when he inspected them closely. Maybe he was exploring them with his breath since we told him he couldn’t touch them. We were just protecting a few butterfly lives.

The cherry blossoms (we think that’s what they were) were in full bloom. They were beautiful.

Thank You, God.

Thank You, God!

No, seriously, thank You.