We had a very exciting visitor come to our backyard yesterday. A few days ago, I had been washing dishes, and looked out my back window to see a little bunny hopping along. He was just hanging out, eating compost from my garden. I immediately ran over to Jack, who was eating his dinner in his high chair, and whipped him around so he could see out the back door.

“Look, Jack! There’s a bunny rabbit outside! See his bunny ears?” I pointed him out.

Jack spotted him almost immediately. “Fufu…Fufu!! Fufu!!” He got really excited, and we spent about 10 minutes staring at the Fufu out the door until he hopped away into a neighbor’s yard and we couldn’t see him anymore.

Yesterday, Jack was again sitting in his high chair. He kept on trying to turn around in his chair, talking about outside, and I couldn’t figure out what he was talking about. Finally, he just said, “Fufu! Fufu outside!”

“Oh, bubba, I don’t think the Fufu is outside anymore. He probably came over to visit just for one day. But I’ll turn you around and we’ll look.”

So I turned him around, and he kept saying “Fufu!” with me telling him the Fufu had gone bye-bye. Just as I was about to turn him back around again to face the kitchen, I saw the Fufu. He was laying in the grass, sunbathing. Apparently, Jack is smarter than I am and saw the bunny before I did, after all.

This time I decided to take him out to see it, though I thought it would probably run away and never come back once we had scared the living daylights out of it. We stepped outside, and I could immediately see the bunny tensing up. I was very careful to step slowly and carefully around.

However, to our great surprise and joy, the bunny ended up hopping right up to us! He was so much fun! We gave him a carrot, and he sat and let us pet him, even. Like, let Jack the awkward 1 year old squat over him and say in a too loud voice for petting bunnies, “NICE!!! NICE!!!” (When I want him to be gentle with a pet, or, say, me, I make him say things like “Gentle…nice”. It works.) I felt like Snow White, therefore Jack must have been one of my dwarfs.

I’m gonna try out my high-pitched, high vibrato singing skills on the squirrels tomorrow. Maybe with a good performance I can get them to start cleaning my house for me, too.

Anyway, I got some fun pictures of Jack petting the Fufu, as well as some of the beautiful flowers blooming in my yard right now: