The last few days have been great. First off, the night of prayer for Burma went very well. A lot of people came, and that was very exciting. I didn’t heed peoples’ advice and wore a dress, though. There was no trippage or falliage, though. Oh my goodness, I just realized something amazing as I wrote the word “falliage”, which, in fact, is not a word at all. But it’s close to “foliage”, which is what I almost changed “falliage” into, because it sounded better. But then I realized that “foliage” is actually a word that refers to leaves. And what do leaves do during Fall? They fall! The foliage falliages, and if I were the person making up a word for leaves, I would call them “falliage” or “foliage”. Thus, I just rediscovered the chain of thinking of the person who invented the word “foliage”. That’s so cool.

It’s more cool than the fact that Jack and I just moved to Chicago, and this is our second day here. It’s more cool than our cute, cute house that we now live in. It’s more cool than how Jack and I love our family, one who drove us all the way to Chicago from Denton, sweated and bled to help us pack up/unpack our house to make it cute, cute without complaint. With the other we’ve spent our time making lots and lots of wonderful direct trade coffee, playing hard outside with 3 miniature wild men, and making tons of plans for what we’re going to be doing over the summer. We’ve already had uncountable laughs, at least 15-20 toddler wrestling matches (The brother in law is already working on a family wrestling team. He and Nate were champion wrestlers in high school — from practicing on each other), had 7 injuries, been on 5 walks, eaten 2 ethnic meals, and seen 1 bunny Fufu on our own block. We’re having a lot of fun so far.

But none of that is as cool as my rediscovery of the word “foliage”, of course.