You might not have known that one million thousand is a number… As requested, pictures.

The cute, cute porch I speak of. Sipping tea and playin’ guitar. Ahhhh….

The cute, cute living room.

The cute, cute dining room with the table (Thanks for that, Tim and Mandi!) that can seat 10, but only has 3 chairs. There’s a lack of chairs so far. :)

The cute, cute bathroom. We’re in denial about being able to see right through the huge window in the shower (The builder was a few fries short of happy meal on that one). We don’t go outside to check, just in case you actually can see us taking showers. We just choose to believe that you can’t.

My cute, cute bedroom…

(Comes included with cute, cute boy on the side who sleeps with his bottom sticking up in the air.)

The cute, cute boy’s playroom.

The cute, cute kitchen. Again, a little short on chairs. I choose to believe they will materialize out of nowhere. The cute, cute sister in law doesn’t agree, but neither one of us want to spend money on chairs right now.

The cute, cute boy pictured in the backyard with cute juice mustache. Want to know what he’s so flabbergasted by? Just wait until you see…it’s so cool…

Oh yeah. The cute, cute dump truck. SO COOL.

I mean, seriously.

I just like this picture. It’s very…green.

Meet the crew. Here’s beautiful Lottie, the sister in law.  (In case you are wondering where we are in these pictures, you’ll be SO jealous to know it was at a Kenny Loggins concert on Father’s Day!! Oh yeah, you’re so jealous.  I know it.  Um, if you know who he is.  Ear busters such as Footloose, Highway to the Danger Zone, and, the reason we went, sweet Return to Pooh Corner.)

Pam, my beautiful mother in law. She gets very interested in things, too. Like, say, the cake she’s eating in this picture. She’s deciphering every last flavor in the cake to see if she could make it.

Tim, the bro in law. Doing what the men of my family pride themselves on. Drink good beer. But only GOOD beer.

The chillun (peeping Isaac and up front Levi, their personalities defined) with proud mommy Mandi.

Isaac has the uncanny ability to look GQ at 11 months old while slyly using my back as a crutch to lean upon and with spitty crackers on his face. Amazing.

I get laughy and tired at the same time just looking at this picture. This is basically life in a nutshell, right here.

And this is when we make them sit down. Not as laughy.

REALLY not laughy when the mommies do mean things like eat cake in front of them.

And make them do things to please us, like kiss each other, before we let them have any cake.

Cousins. Strawberry blonde hair…check. Blue eyes…check. Cherry red lips…check. Little boy laughiness….check.

Make that one million thousand AND ONE pictures. And one million thousand and one X10 seconds to download. Hope you enjoyed the pics! Love you guys.

Peace out.