First of all, you guys have been so wonderful. Thank you so much for your comments over the last few entries, even though my entries been far spaced (Yep, still working on that internet. We’re… really… slow…). I’ll tell you, I am so blessed by the stories that come out of this blog. Half the time I have absolutely no idea if anyone will be even remotely interested in what I have to say, but then I hear stories of how God uses my good days or my bad…and it’s amazing. I’ve seen how life works like that so much in the last year and a half. When Nate was here, we had a normal life. Just plugging along, hanging out with our friends, getting interested in a good deed here or there, pop out a kid, whatever. Nothing seemed special. But after he died, it was like God took my viewpoint from walking right beside him to turning it on its head, so I was looking at his life from a bird’s eye viewpoint. Only then could I see how powerful the little things, like friendships, like a good deed here and there, like being a good husband and dad–how powerful all these things are and what an affect they have on people, even around the whole world. Who knows what happens with the effects of our lives in Heaven. I guess I’m getting into the whole Ripple Effect again, but thank you so much for letting me know what God is doing with you through the blog. It’s a testament to His graciousness in using mostly confused, sometimes sad/sometimes happy, random people like me for His purposes. But I understand because I’m blessed by reading about your lives so many times, too. Ahh. Blogging is fun. Especially when you have internet that works.

I have to tell you about something that is SO boring and yet I find so thuh-rilling. Not just thrilling, mind you. Thuh-rilling. I’ll preface it, mostly because I’m long-winded, but also because I want everyone to know I’m not a complete nut. I am a health nut, however. I don’t know how or why (yes, I do. Nathan started me on it), but I get really excited about food that is: a) optimally nutritious, b) WONDERFUL tasting, c) cheap as cheap can get, baby. I do not like being one of those that only shop at Whole Foods or some hoity-toity organic store, nor do I like eating cardboard that is supposed to be a fake steak. I like good food and I like to find the way to be cheap, because it seems to me that if God created the things healthy, then why should I have to pay extra for them?

Okay, so in order to combat the high prices of my good-tasting health food issues, I’ve started making a lot of stuff. I’ve been making my own bread, because I want good tasting wheat bread, and it’s like $3-4 for a loaf at the store, and I make it for like 25 or 50 cents at home. Plus, there’s nothing like fresh bread out of the oven. Ahhh… Next is my love for natural peanut butter. The other stuff has so much fake stuff in it, and now I really love a nutty peanut butter. Especially on fresh bread. But it’s like $5 for a jar at the store. Did you know homemade peanut butter is SO easy to make? I just buy unsalted, roasted peanuts, pour in a little canola oil, and mix it in my food processor (which is really a fake food processor, handheld blender thingy), and it’s done in 30 seconds and WONDERFUL. I even add honey, cinnamon, and a little salt to make it even better. Oh me, oh my.

And finally, peeps, my newest and craziest at-home making thingy of all…homemade soy milk. I was reading about something random where a strange someone mentioned a “soy milk maker”. My eyes and tongue immediately bugged out of my head, because we drink a lot of soy and almond milk. Turns out they have machines that can make soymilk, almond milk, rice milk, whatever milk in one machine! So I did a little investigating to find out that making your own soymilk is approximately 30-90 cents for 1.5 liters. At the store, that stuff is crazy expensive. So I bought a soymilk maker ($100 online. They go for cheaper, but I wanted this one because it was safer for kids and seemed to be the best one. A worthy investment if I’ll be making soymilk for 30 cents every week for the next few years). Tonight… I had fresh soymilk, and fresh almond/brown rice milk that I made myself. It was wonderful, I tell you. Crisp-like drinking an almond. My sister-in-law, Mandi, and I were practically dancing in the kitchen at our new found, cheap glass of joy. I told her, “Wow, I feel like a pioneer woman who can make milk out of a nut! I would totally make it as a pioneer woman!”

Mandi, eyes lighting up in agreement: “Yeah!” Then looking at the electric contraption that just did the entire process for me: “Well, almost. Maybe like a pioneer woman with electricity. Which…they didn’t have…so you wouldn’t be one. At all…”

“Okay…um. Well, I’m like a modern pioneer woman! Yeah! Who isn’t necessarily pioneering anywhere, but just making soymilk in a machine. Yeah.” We each look off to the side before getting excited again about the non-pioneer-like soymilk maker anyway.

I’m such a dork. And I know most of you will think I’m totally nutso. But some of you will be excited by this, or at least I hope so. Maybe even get one yourselves, and share in the joy of homemade milk. And in the meantime, I’m basically going to start bathing in soy and almond milk. (By the way, Dawntoya, I peeked outside while the sis-in-law was taking a shower, and we’re totally okay on the see through window thing. Whew!)