The charger on my computer lacks the capacity to do the single job it was designed for.  Thus my computer and I are having relationship problems right now.  I couldn’t seem to turn him on, no matter how much schmoozing I did, and, after being rejected so many times, my heart was broken and now I just ignore him.  So he sits there and glares at me from a corner where I’ve put him.  Sometimes though, I remember our happier times and have compiled a list of fun things that others can do with their computers when they are broken:

1.  Take it for walks in the stroller.

2. Use it as a giant coaster or a pretty centerpiece underneath a potted plant.

3. Punch all the keys that you were afraid to touch when it worked.

4. Let your toddler punch all the keys he wasn’t allowed to touch and watch him be entertained for hours.

5. Practice meditation while staring at the blank screen.

6. Hang pictures on the screen and use it like a picture frame.

7. And finally, not write blogs on it…

Sorry.  It would be fixed sooner, but Jack flushed a toy down the toilet the same night the charger went out, and I decided that fixing toilets is a necessary evil that comes before fixing computers.  At first, I went through withdrawals, because I kept all my recipes and got directions to go places online, and literally sat there wondering what people did before they had internet.  I decided this curiosity meant there was something wrong with me.  I found these cool things called cookbooks in the bottom of a drawer somewhere, and underneath a car seat found this antiquated measure called a map.  I had previously assumed that’s where I was supposed to stick my gum when I didn’t have a wrapper.  I’m like a new woman.

All that to say, hopefully my computer and I’s relationship won’t be on the rocks too much longer.  And hopefully, he won’t be too expensive to turn on again.

Love you guys.  Hope you’re having a good summer.