I’m really, a lot frustrated.  My computer is broken again–this time 10,000x worse than before, because now it seems to be the hard drive.  I’m actually kind of worried that I might lose some videos and pictures of Jack I hadn’t saved in another place…Please God, protect those.  I feel like spitting.

So, I guess that means another blogging break, because it is super troublesome to lug Jack out to the library to blog while he’s climbing on bookshelves and making a small mountain of books in the middle of the room.  Sorry, guys.  Maybe it won’t take them very long to fix it.

On another note, Friday would be Nathan’s 26th birthday.  I miss him.   But we’re doing well right now.  Maybe we’ll do something fun on Friday with the family.  I think we might go to a fun pub and tell funny stories about him.  That would be good.

Welp, I’ll be back soon with something more interesting to say, but I thought I’d tell you before it was a month past that my computer is down again.  So…see you soon.