Jack and Jack Frost wishing you a Merry Christmas.


Our friend, pre-surgery.  You’ll see what I mean in a minute.


The cute mandatory kiss I always make him give to things in order to serve my selfish motherly pride of seeing my kid be really cute and sweet.


Cute and sweet turned a bit weird when Jack ate Jack Frost’s nose.  At first I tried to stop him, saying things like, “But Jack, we don’t eat our friends noses!”  But then I realized he was eating his vegetables, so I stopped… and let him.  He also ate part of my aloe vera plant that morning.  He was in a weird mood.  At first I tried to stop him, thinking, “I shouldn’t let him eat house plants!”  But then I realized it was a harmless aloe vera plant (well, okay, I checked online to see if it was okay first), and he was eating a vegetable-like substance.  So when he wanted more…I let him.


Well, Merry Christmas, anyway, everyone. :) We love you!