Hey! Ho! To Texas I go!

Hey! Ho! For a mo-onth or so!

And I really wanna see ya, really wanna see ya.

I want you to know.

Hey! Ho! To Texas I go!

–my poem for today. the end.

Very, very, extremely important goals for this month:

1. See lots of friends.

2. Eat lots of pie (I might be willing to share some).

3. Go bungee jumping.

4. Get a tan, and let Jack go out in the sun with SPF 800 on a lot.

5. Think 85% of the time about non-dysfunctional situations in my life (hmmm…still deciding what those might be) and spend the other 15% supporting via phone some of my favorite people in the whole wide world who either are dysfunctional or are living in dysfunctional situations…or both.  But I don’t think I’m dysfunctional…yet.  Is that dysfunctional?

6.  Take Jack to see the REAL Lightning McQueen (are there any car races happening this month?) Ke-chow!

7. Write music about running through fields of wild flowers in dresses.

8. Run through fields of wild flowers in a dress.

9. Read lots of books about non-dysfunctional people who have non-dysfunctional thoughts, like, say, “Elmo And Friends Go On A Picnic”.

10. Go on a picnic.

11. Help those of my pregnant friends deliver their babies?  Hmm?  Don’t worry, I won’t steal your baby…

12.  Do all of this after I sleep for a week straight.

Whoosh, I’ve needed a vacation…

P.S. April 11, 2009, Life Community Church in Mt. Prospect, Illinois, 7 pm, The In-Between Service, me, music (with a banjo, an accordion and a glockenspiel…hyah!).  If you live in Illinois and would like to come to an Easter Service that happens on Saturday night, and would like to see me play an extremely short set, and be so nervous from stupid, pitiful stage fright that I might fall off the stage, then come. I’m claiming Christ’s victory over stage fright right now.